Our Vision is to bring together the best people in the information technology industry. Our main focus is in this region, but in some cases we are searching for the best in the world!

We see ProNet technologies as recruiting these Professionals and acting as their agent. Each engineer's cost to the customer is based on their skill set - with most of the money going to the engineer, not the company!

We are currently establishing an aggressive bonus program, ranging from money to family vacations. We also have a great benefits package including health, life, visual, and dental for full-time staff members.

Our goal is to keep both our on-call and full-time staff as happy as they can be which will reflect in the quality of service they provide to you, our customer.

We have two tiers of Professionals:

Tier ONE is lower level issues and emergencies. The people hired for this position must have at least 2 years experience in telephone and on-site support, and have a substantial knowledge base in least 3 areas of service.
  • This will be the first technical person you talk to if your printer is not working. Their cost to you will be lower, in keeping with their skill set. Thus saving you money.
    If it is a more difficult problem, (there will be a manager with a high level skill set watching all calls to make sure that they are being handled effectively), then your call will be sent to a Tier TWO engineer.

    Tier TWO Engineers are the high level support. These are the people that live for Information Technology. They are certified in multiple areas of the industry. They are our Stoppers. They will get the job done. We have every confidence in our people, because they are our business.
  • When your call is escalated to a Tier TWO Engineer, one of two options will then happen.
  • Either a Tier TWO person will immediately call you back (in emergency situations).
  • Or, we will work with you to schedule an on-site visit with a Tier TWO engineer.

    We have setup our support system this way to try to keep the cost down for you, the customer. It also allows the high level people to focus on bigger projects and use their full skill set, which keeps them happy! And it allows the Tier ONE engineers to broaden their skill set. Training and interning will be available for Tier ONE so that one day they too can one day be listed with the best IT Professionals.

    And now for a few things that we do NOT do....

  • We will not sell you any product or service that you do not need, or that isn't in our opinion the best solution for you.

  • If we give you an estimate, we will not try to pad the actual time worked in order to get every cent approved on that estimate.

  • We will not ask our staff to put our company above their family. A good home life is a good foundation for everything we do, and we have found that it only causes resentful staff members if they miss too many of their kids' softball games because they had to work. So, all after hours work will be verified with each employee before finalized.

  • We will not give you, the client, an estimate, then continue working beyond that length of time without first discussing the issue with an authorized person in your company and getting approval for more work to be done. We don't want you to have any surprises on your invoice.